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Das hat auch mit Radfahrern und dem Radfahren zu tun. Es lässt den Wunsch nach vergleichbaren Strukturen auch in anderen Ländern gedeihen:

>>The traditional bothy ethic is that there is no such thing as a full bothy, that no matter how limited the space the inhabitants find themselves in some more room can always be found for latecomers arriving in from the snow or the rain. That ethic rings very different from the familiar, exclusionary slogan that claims that everything is full—even countries. On another level of abstraction, the value of the bothies and the commons they represent lies in their use, for free, by thousands of strangers, and not in their nominal ownership by large estates on which they often lie.

Like much of what is taken for granted in the Highlands—the slow death of Gaelic, the uninhabited wilderness—the bothies are themselves not some natural phenomenon, but the result of a class struggle—in this case a class struggle that was waged, sometimes openly, more often quietly, in the decades after the Second World War.<<

The Radical History of Scotland’s Bothies